Thank you for your interest in our Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance services! We look forward to guiding you through this process and eliminating the complexity for you.

To sign up for an ACA tax compliance consultation, please complete our contact form, and we will contact you within 1-2 business days. You can also schedule a consultation by calling 814-724-9682.

Due to the complexity of the applicable tax laws, we do not offer free consultations about ACA compliance. The one-time fee for our complete ACA compliance package (including a consultation and preparation of any required exemption forms) is just $25 per person in your household subject to the individual mandate. Children under 18 are free!

We are happy to assist you with all your 1099 and 1098 reporting requirements! Simply download our easy-to-understand spreadsheets, complete the necessary information, and return the spreadsheets to us. We will prepare the necessary forms, mail copies to the recipients, and electronically file the forms with the necessary government agencies. With a cost of just $4 per form, plus a $10 setup fee, you can't afford not to outsource this project!

Following are the most common circumstances in which you must distribute a 1099 or 1098:

  • Payments from your business to individuals and other non-corporate entities for . . .
    • Services over $600/year
    • Rent over $600/year
    • Royalties over $10/year
    • Interest over $10/year
  • Interest collected from a mortgage, if you are in the business of supplying financing, in the amount of $600 or more.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance to determine whether a particular situation requires a 1099 or 1098.

1099s must be filed with the IRS by January 31 to avoid a late-filing penalty. Please send the necessary information at your earliest convenience so we have adequate time to prepare these forms before the deadline.

 Forms 1099 Information Spreadsheet



 Forms 1098 Information Spreadsheet


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